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Welcome to the website of the I-treasure project! The I-TREASURE project provides a new approach in learning digital skills through an innovative methodology of learning technologies for practical exercises, supported by a "Treasure hunt" game: some clues are hidden into websites and devices. The user will have to discover all clues while he is using all these technologies.


Internet Treasure Hunt Improving the Attractiveness of Learning for Seniors (I-TREASURE) is a European project with a duration of 2 years (December 2013- November 2015) implemented in six countries (Germany, Greece, Romania, Turkey and Poland, Spain).

Project Applicant Contact
Tecnalia Research & Innovation 
Parque Científico y Tecnológico de Bizkaia 
C/ Geldo. Edificio 700, 48160 Derio (Bizkaia) 
902 760 000 / (+34) 946 430 850 
Project Coordinator Contact:
Aleksandra Sikorska  / Martina Bachmeier
Pfarrer-Seidl-Straße 1, 93413 Cham, Germany
Telephone:     +49 9971 8501 20
Fax:   +49 9971 8501 30