Tecnalia Research & Innovation is a RTD organisation, the largest in Spain and the South of Europe, being also the fifth in Europe employing 1.445 people (164 PhDs). Upon the signature of Spain to be a full member of the European Union in 1985, centres now integrated in TECNALIA were participants in projects from the different Framework Programmes, till FP7.

Upon the Innovation Strategies Division and ICT-ESI Division in TECNALIA leadership is granted to address as key issue government and public administration, providing them with help in the research, the development, and the deployment of new and innovative policies supported under technology. I-Treasure project has been launched by Technology and Society Area that is focused on assisting the public administration in reducing the digital gap by bringing ICTs closer to citizens and small enterprises, and facilitating their use. This aim is furthered through initiatives geared towards advice, training and dissemination; the certification of knowledge and competences; and the promotion of process digitization within organizations. This Unit has more than 10 years’ experience applying the above technologies in society, and participating in EU programmes: Comenius, LdV, Progress, Interreg-SUDOE and CIP.