T.C.Izmir Valiligi


Izmir Governorship is the highest public authority in Izmir Province. The Governorship administers, coordinates and controls all state related activities in the city, like education, health, social services, tourism, security etc.

Izmir Governorship EU Coordination Center, which is the department responsible for implementing I-Treasure project in Izmir, works with the aim to raise awareness on the EU accession at local level (Izmir province with 4 million population) through various EU related activities among which are EU funded projects. The Center was established in 2007 and since then it has great experience in LLP and IPA projects; training activities; research and coordination of local EU related activities.

Experts who are involved in the project are familiar with European policies, strategies and priorities for education and inclusion of elderly people and they can contribute with these competencies. Being the main public authority gives The innovative materials produced as outcomes of the project will be disseminated among the sub units of the Governorship and specifically among the Adult Educational Centers and Public Social Service Providers.


Türkan Canbaz
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